The fishing trip turned into a Triangle

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Dear sex buddies!

What I am going to tell you about now took place up by the Limfjord in the summer of 1981.
The holidays had just started and the weather was gorgeous. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and it was almost windless.
I had recently bought a small boat with a motor, so I decided to go out to some deserted place, maybe a small island, to fish and sunbathe and have a great time.

I found a small islet out west and also found a place where I thought the fish would bite.
There were no people to be seen, so I hoped to be completely undisturbed.

I took out my fishing gear. When I had fished for half an hour without results, I put down my gear and decided to go for a walk around the island to explore it more closely.

When I had walked a few hundred meters and had come over to the other side of the island, I discovered that there was a small boat on the beach.
I continued my stroll and discovered that there were two girls lying on a patch of grass some distance away on the edge of the beach. They lay sunbathing and they were naked!

I couldn't resist going up to them and having a little chat. They were some nice girls and they were completely shameless.
Despite the fact that I was standing there talking to them while they lay stretched out in front of me without a trace on their bodies.

The girls looked to be 17 18 years old and they were both pretty and shapely.
They asked me if I wanted to keep them company. Of course I wanted to, and when I had taken off my T-shirt and swimming trunks, I had the greatest difficulty keeping my penis down.

Then one of the girls took a bottle of suntan oil out of her bag and asked if I wanted to apply it.
Now I probably understood what was going to happen, and then gave a damn that my penis had risen...
I asked straight out which of them I should start with, You can start with me, said the nicest of them.

She had long, dark hair and a perfect body.
She laid flat on her back and I began to slather her in the solo oil, starting at her little feet and slowly working my way up her legs.

Once I had smeared her all over, I couldn't hold back any longer but inserted a finger between the swelling labia which had previously been effectively kept hidden by her small dark bush.

Then the other girl came and interfered. She also wanted to join the play. She was also good looking, had blonde hair and a lovely rear.

With one finger still stuck up the first girl's hole, I began to explore the other with my free hand. She was only sparsely haired, and since she was light-haired, you could clearly see the small, delicious crack and the lovely labia.

We lay calm and still, caressing each other for a long time before I let the tip of my penis slide into the dark girl from behind. She had an instant orgasm because we had been caressing for so long. Then I turned to the other girl who was lying with her legs spread wide and longing. I slowly fucked her while licking the dark one's clitoris and we continued like that until all three of us had orgasmed.
But then we were also so tired that we had to take a rest.
After a few minutes the dark haired one and I decided we wanted to go down to the water for a dip.

The other girl appeared to be sleeping.
We went down to the water completely naked, and after dipping a little, we placed ourselves in shallow water, where there was a sandy bottom in a small recess on the island.

She clearly wasn't quite satisfied yet, because she put her hand under my scrotum and stuffed my penis all the way into her mouth, which was easy to do since my penis was small and limp after the cold bath.

However, it quickly became stiff in her mouth, and with a good, firm grip on her soft buttocks, I lifted her up and carried her onto the beach

There I let her suck on the head of my penis while I massaged her pink labia
Then we changed positions, with her laying down on all fours with her ass straight in the air and her legs spread wide.

I again guided my rod into her young pussy and we balled until it was enough for both of us.
A little later we were lying on our backs next to each other. She with one hand around my scrotum and flaccid penis, and I, in turn, lay caressing the dark, short pubic hair that covered her magnificent pussy.

When we had been lying like that for a while, I thought I had done my duty.

I got up, lifted her up and carried her up to the other girl - and then I kissed them both goodbye.