I lurked while they made love

Dear report.

Last summer I traveled around Scandinavia, and on one of the stretches between Helsinki and Stockholm - I had rented a double cabin for the night on the boat.

I had not been able to afford a single cabin and was therefore rather anxious about who I would share the night's accommodation with.
When I came aboard in the evening, the cabin I had rented was there. and when I entered the door, a young fellow was standing unpacking his suitcase.

He introduced himself as Jørgen and said that he had visited some friends in Finland and was now on his way home.
Thank God, I thought, breathing a sigh of relief that I wouldn't have to share a cabin with some cranky old man.
And Jørgen was probably also satisfied with me as a sleeping partner, at least he suggested that we go to the bar for a drink.

The bar turned out to be mostly crowded when we arrived, the dance floor was packed with dancing couples of all ages and Jørgen got some massive swings while I stuck to the drinks at the bar.

Jørgen Seemed to be enjoying himself brilliantly. But even I got a little bored and decided after the fourth rum and coke that now I wanted to crawl into bed.

I said goodbye and goodnight to Jørgen and went down to the cabin, where I quickly fell asleep in my upper bunk.

At some point during the night, however, I was awakened by the door being opened, and outside in the hallway I could see two dark silhouettes.

Quickly and whispering, the silhouettes slipped into the cabin and down into the lower bunk.

I had forgotten to turn off the switch in the bathroom, and the door was slightly ajar, so even though it was otherwise dark in the cabin, I could still tell.
At first I tried to pretend it was nothing, thinking only of going back to sleep, but the commotion down in the lower bunk made me more and more awake.

In fact, I must confess that I became a little interested in what was going on down in that bunk, and suddenly I discovered that in the mirror on the opposite wall I could look right down into the bunk.

Jørgen was busy throwing away his clothes, and inside the lower bunk was the girl he had danced with so much up in the bar.
She was lying quite naked, and although I couldn't see the expression clearly on Jørgen's face, I am sure that he was just as interested in touching her as I was now lying and staying. But I was "sleeping" after all.

It seemed as if they had completely forgotten that I was also in the cabin, even though they were very quiet. Jørgen quickly slipped out of his trousers, and I could tell that he already had a proper stand-up boy on.

I couldn't resist putting my hand down my underpants myself, and in fact I was a little surprised when I felt that I was wearing "iron".

Without realizing it, looking at the two of them in the lower bunk had made me very horny.

Jørgen now stood on all fours and buried his head between the girl's legs, and she answered again with small voluptuous sounds.
Oh, how rude it looked:

I began to touch myself on the balls while letting my hand slide up and down the cock in long, slow strokes.
If only you could be allowed to join me, I thought, but still didn't dare reveal that I didn't sleep at all. That could ruin it all.

The girl in the lower bunk moaned loudly; while Jørgen licked her, and soon after I could hear her whispering to him that she wanted his lovely cock all the way inside her. Oh, I was so envious, I only had my left hand to be content with.

Now Jørgen began to fuck the girl with long, hard thrusts, and in the mirror I could see how she tensed her abdomen to resist.

The sight of the two lovers in the lower bunk was so fantastically arousing that I myself had difficulty suppressing a moan, And while they lay and balled heartily and very quietly - completely convinced that I was then asleep - I satisfied myself to the most beautiful orgasm up in the top bunk.

But I had to bite the blanket so they wouldn't hear me when I came.
Shortly after my own orgasm, I heard loud, pleasured sighs from the bottom bunk.
After that they were quiet, and five minutes later I heard them whisper and the girl disappeared silently out the door.

Up in the bunk I lay thinking that it was the first time I had ever peeped at someone who loved.

Although I had not voluntarily put myself in this situation, I will not deny that it was a good experience.

"Sneak peeks"