I fantasize about making love with 2 men

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Dear report.

As an avid reader of De grå Sider, I have now also felt like contributing a little story.

It is probably not taken from reality, but rather is a fantasy, one of my favorite fantasies.

It's about the fact that I have a lover whose wife is on holiday.

My husband and my lover know each other well, and since Steffen (the lover) is now alone at home, my husband and I invite him for a trip to the summer house.

Steffen arrives late in the evening, he has bought a case of beer, and he also has some pot with him.
So we start eating, we drink a lot of beer, and after the meal we relax with a couple of joints.
Steffen and my husband start to get slightly excited and they start discussing sex.
About how they like girls in naughty underwear, about what a pussy should ideally look like and so on.
I don't join in the conversation, but instead try to hide the fact that I'm actually quite excited by their conversation.
They sit on either side of me on the couch, and I can't help but notice how they both lean against my body. And since I'm not wearing a bra, I know they can see my breasts right through the blouse.

Then my husband starts telling Steffen about how crazy he is about my small firm breasts and how he can't keep his fingers off them at all. And Steffen asks me to take off my blouse so he can feel if what my husband is telling me is now also true.
I turn to Steffen and say with a mischievous smile that my husband probably won't buy it, but Steffen doesn't care.
On the contrary, he suddenly kneels down in front of me and sticks his hands up under my blouse, where he can't help but feel that my nipples are stiff and warm.
I don't really know what to do with the situation. I turn completely red in the head and can't do anything but sit and look confused at my husband, while Steffen demands and excitedly kisses my breasts.
But my husband does not get angry, on the contrary, he encourages Steffen to continue, while he himself begins to massage his member outside his trousers.
This is the first time my husband has seen me with someone else and I can tell it turns him on.

Steffen begins to kiss me passionately, and our tongues slide demandingly out and in from our mouths.
Then his hands begin to explore my body, slowly and gently they travel from my breasts down over my stomach until they reach my abdomen.
With a snap, he lifts my skirt up and pulls down my little black panties, which land all the way down around my ankles. And very slowly his fingers start caressing my labia, all the while his tongue licks my clitoris.
I myself am now so excited that I can't help but let out small voluptuous sounds - but it just excites - my husband even more.
He has already zipped his pants down and is sitting playing cock while staring at Steffen and me.
But I don't want him to be outside, so I order him to stand.
His cock is almost completely blue around the head - he is so excited and without asking permission, I let it disappear deep into my warm mouth.
And while his cock slowly and tough thrusts in and out of my hot mouth, Steffen buries his entire mouth in my burning lap and licks me to the most beautiful orgasm.
As my husband feels the orgasm wash through my body, he can't hold back any longer and all his hot cum squirts down my throat.

But the ball isn't over yet...

Steffen now stands in front of me, and I zip down his tight pants and grab his tense cock with my hand. When I feel how hard he is, I can barely control myself and I have to have him inside me.
And Steffen is not slow to follow my call.
With a firm grip on my hips, he practically lifts me onto the cock and thrusts it deep into me.
Then I ride him as our breaths get faster and faster, the thrusts get deeper and deeper, and my long hair whips wildly around my neck like the mane of a mad horse.

Our lovemaking sounds eggs my husband, I can see. He already has an erection again and now it's his turn. After Steffen has emptied his passion into me - my husband continues. He is so excited that without caressing me, or keeping an eye on how I feel, he just drives his cock up into me.
And at a terrific pace he fucks us both to orgasm.

What happens afterwards is beyond my imagination.

But it may not really matter, on the other hand, I would like to read about other people's fantasies on The Gray Pages.

Sincerely, "Fantazia"