You took what you wanted

For the gray pages..

I spotted you as soon as I entered the café. You stood up at the bar and were simply the bar's eye-catcher. You oozed sex. All the women who came in after me were scrutinizing you just as curiously, I noticed. Every millimeter of your body was x-rayed by their eyes and you yourself had a hungry glint in your eyes.

I knew I had to have it. And so I did the only right thing. I caught your eye - held it and then went straight up to you.
For a brief moment you looked completely aloof, but at the same time you also couldn't hide the fact that you were a little amused by the whole thing.
I put my arms around your waist, raised my face towards you and gave you a kiss on the chin.. - I think it's me you're looking for, I said. We might as well go to my house right away. I dragged you to the door,
You should have read my mind in the minutes that passed between the time I said the words and the time you actually walked out on the street with me. I was stunned - it had worked. What a guy. I studied you carefully again - you were a masterpiece!

- I would like to take you to my father's office. It is beautifully located. out by Strandvejen, I said.
The marble staircase in the house out on Strandvejen has a fantastic railing. It's almost like a wall. You pulled up my dress and lifted me onto the railing, gently spreading my legs and burrowing your face into my lap. You gently pulled down my panties, licked my mount of venus and let your tongue continue to my clitoris. I was driving with desire and wrapped my legs around your waist to hold you tight and wrapped my hands tightly around your neck. You didn't have to stop yet... The excitement of someone coming by all the time increased the desire and I understood that I had to hurry.

- Come, I heard you whisper, at the same time as you pressed a few fingers up into me. I felt your fingers play their way up into my wet interior. I pressed my abdomen hard against your hand. Warm waves washed through my body and I entered a long, beautiful and liberating orgasm.

Quickly you lifted me down from the railing and I now dragged you into the office. You were wonderful!

You more or less ripped the dress off me but let me keep my bra and stockings on. Did you know that I love getting fucked in my underwear? Yes, you've probably met women as crazy as me in the past...
I opened a window, and down from Strandvejen we could hear the cars as a quiet monotonous whir. You pressed my upper body close to the windowsill and I could hear the sound of your fly as you zipped up.

You were wonderfully tough. I could feel a bubbling hard bulge against my bottom and I trotted carefully and a little shy to show you the way. But clearly that wasn't what you wanted, instead you held onto my wrists tightly and kept me pinned.
I lay there bent over on the windowsill, holding on to you, unable to touch me, feeling you fill my womanly womb with your stiff manhood. You fucked me hard and hard, thrusting the cock in with deep, slow thrusts and you kept it up for a long time. I was completely consumed by you.

You were the guy with the biggest dick I'd ever made love to, and even though I know it's not the size that matters, well....I enjoyed it A LOT anyway. At the same time as you pressed me hard against the frame with your body and cock, one of your hands wandered around the front of my body and your fingers rubbed my clitoris. Yes, you knew how to satisfy a woman.

Once again too early. I couldn't control my feelings for you. And I came once more. You felt it and stopped for a moment. You sucked on your fingers and pryed them softly and gently up my anus. I screamed for a moment in pain but you continued to fuck me and soon I was quiet again.

Suddenly you let your manhood slide out of me and I could feel you pressing your cock head against my anus. I tried to get you not to, but you held me even tighter. You took what you wanted…
I felt you making love to me in a way I had never experienced before. But I had often fantasized about the feeling. I was a little scared, it was new, didn't really want to, wanted anyway and actually it was wonderful.

Moaning, you worked your way up into my tight hole. You held me convulsively and hard as you slid and slid inside me in a perpetual thrusting rhythm. I could feel you coming and suddenly I could feel your hot cum flowing inside me. Hot and wet, I lay on the windowsill and looked down at Strandvejen without really seeing anything. - What a beautiful view here is, I heard you say. It struck me that those were the first words you even said But they were also the last.

Quickly you pulled up the fly, gave me a kiss and left... Today I still wonder who you were...

The Scorpion

Cozy love