The hero received a "double" reward

Dear report. I was in Athens a year ago on a business trip and had just arrived at the hotel when I saw two lovely ladies sitting at the hotel bar. José - the hotel's bar tender - was immediately above them and began to make himself. I could see that the two ladies were not completely comfortable with the situation, so decided to play it safe. I, in my own high person, would save the two beautiful maidens...
With quick steps, I went to the bar and firmly asked José to leave the two girls alone. He got quite offended and started slapping me. But if there's one thing I can't stand, it's people who think problems can be solved with violence...
Ergo, I punched the man on the floor and threatened to complain about him to the director. José sullenly went back to his seat behind the bar. The two ladies just stood with their mouths open and stared.
One now came up to me and thanked me because I had helped in a difficult situation. She offered that I could eat with them as a thank you, and there was nothing I would rather. . During dinner I found out that the ladies were French and that they were on the Interrail to Greece. In the middle of dessert, Angelique, a tall dark-haired beauty with breasts that could beat Dolly Parton's, asked if I wanted to have sex with both of them at the same time. Wow! Sure some girls. I rolled my eyes a few extra times because I had never tried a threesome before, but hey
they said it was ok. The girls said that they always fucked together - and I - well, I thought so. At the same time, there was also something that rattled tremendously in my pants.
We went up to my hotel room and everything was going fine until they tried to pull my pants off. It was almost impossible to get the tight pants down over my big bristly cock - I was horny so I was shaking.
Cathrine, one of the girls pounced on my cock and started sucking on it. She ran her tongue up and down the shaft and with her left hand she massaged the scrotum until my balls felt hard as steel.
While Cathrine was lovingly treating me, I licked Angelique's nipples and I could literally feel her getting more and more horny. Her cunt responded again to my fingers by dripping juices.
During all this, Cathrine had straddled me and lowered her wild belly down over my cock. It was very naughty to see it slide into her pussy and I now grabbed her thighs, lifted them a little. She was stuck in a vise as I lifted her up and down on my iron. All she could do was squeeze her pussy around the dick, and I promise she did. The juices flowed from her and it smacked so cheekily as the cock raced in and out of her.
Angelique now leaned forward and began to lick the purse. I could feel how she sucked up a small stone from the purse and let it touch Cathrine's clitoris.
Just then it did, Cathrine started to come. She squirmed and moaned, but the cock was firmly buried in her and she wasn't getting anywhere. Both Angelique and I held her firmly down on the cock until it was all the way down. Then she got a few more hard thrusts and she collapsed onto the bed gasping.
Angelique now threw herself backwards on the bed and moaned that I should lick her: - Moi aussi, moi aussi, maintenant!!!
I looked at the beauty as she lay there offering herself with her legs spread wide. I tentatively stuck a finger into her, let it slide back and forth in her crack and parted her labia. But Angelique had no patience. Deftly she grabbed my head and pressed it down between my legs. I stuck my tongue in her and started to mouth fuck her and soon after she screamed her orgasm in my face.
Slowly I pulled my tongue out,
then licked a few times gently across her clitoris, kissed her belly, licked my way up to her breasts, sucked one of the warts into her mouth - and Angelique - she howled with lust. I now guided my cock to her cunt, and Cathrine, who in the meantime had recovered a little, helped guide with one hand. Angelique spread her legs as much as she could and pushed her belly up against me.
Slowly I slid into her. It was amazingly nice and warm to be up in her narrow cave. She little gasped with pleasure and had quickly found my tact.
Offensive increased in strength. I now thrust harder and faster with each thrust, and both Angelique and I gasped and moaned like marathon runners.
Deep inside me it started to feel hot, my dick twitched and finally I squirted a hot load of cum into her hot insides, Yes, dear readers. This was my account of a good start to an otherwise boring business trip. Quite unexpectedly, I got to experience one of my most memorable experiences on this trip.

Sincerely, "Mr. Jensen

Cozy love