The guy ripped my clothes off…

Hello report! I am a young girl of almost 19 years.

I would like to tell you about a wonderful sex experience. It started on a Friday evening, when my friend and I were sitting at my house. We sat and got a little one for the neck while watching. "Dallas" in the remover. In the middle of it all, I asked my friend if she wanted to go down to the town's disco.

She was on board with that. We hurried to get some nice clothes on - and off we went. When we entered the disco, we immediately spotted two guys sitting alone. My friend went up to get two bayers and I went up to the two guys and asked if we could settle down with them.

They immediately said yes, thanks. As we got something to drink, we chatted and sat and kissed each other and had a great time. All of a sudden, Lars and Ole asked if we wanted to take them home to the apartment they shared.

We came to their house. It was a lovely apartment with a large living room and two bedrooms: We sat. us into the living room. ·
Lars went into the kitchen after some bajeres. When he came back into the living room a little later with his hands full of cold beer bottles, my friend and Ole sat cuddling and playing with each other. It looked very exciting.
All of a sudden I felt a hand on one of my breasts. I turned my head - and looked Lars in the eyes. He smiled and asked if I wanted to come into his bedroom, I immediately said yes.
When we got in there and he had closed the door behind us, he practically ripped my clothes off and threw me on the bed.
Then he undressed himself and knelt between my legs. • He looked at my pussy but after a while his head came closer - and then he started licking me to the big gold medal. Oh, how I enjoyed it.
When he was done he told me to turn around There I got the shock of my life.
He stuck his stiff member up in my rear hole. Ah, how it hurt.

I shouted at him to withdraw immediately.

He got all weird and couldn't come up with enough excuses.
I comforted him and told him not to think about it because now it didn't hurt anymore. Then we started for the second time. This time it was much better. I turned so we ended up lying in a 69er. We licked and caressed each other. Suddenly I could feel that he was about to ejaculate. I stopped masturbating and licking him.
Then I told him to turn around, because now I wanted him inside me. And I have to promise because I got it!
It didn't take long before we both had a beautiful and wonderful orgasm. We moaned and screamed with delight.

Afterwards he laid down next to me. We lay and enjoyed what we had just experienced.
I felt his juices slowly run out of me and down my thighs. I will just say that while we were lying down and relaxing, we heard a lot of moaning and gasping inside, from the living room.

It was my friend and Ole.
They were obviously enjoying themselves as much as we had a little while ago. Yes, I tell you - it was just a thoroughly successful evening.

The bull and the fish.

Cozy love