I spread my legs, while his eyes slid down my naked body.

The sensitive hands drove her crazy Reading I spread my legs, while his eyes slid down my naked body. 12 minutes Next You took what you wanted
Hello report!

A while ago I had a wonderful sex experience that I often think about - and that I would like to experience again!

I am a girl in my mid-twenties, married for four years, and the mother of a lovely boy. My husband and I get along very well.
I don't feel that anything is missing - and it's also the first time I've cheated on him. On the day in question I was with a friend. We had talked for a long time about taking a trip to Copenhagen and shopping and finally we had made it fit together.

It was a lovely summer day, actually far too good weather to run around Copenhagen, but now we had decided.
After a trip to Magasin, Illum and a few shops on Strøget, we sat down on one of the benches by the "big ugly" Storkespringvand and relaxed. My friend fetched a few popsicles, and for the next half hour we followed life around the fountain.

An elderly couple next to us got up and left. In no time, the places were taken up by two young guys - probably barely 20 years old. They had a plastic bag with bajere with them, and after a while they toasted them and started commenting on all the lovely girls who passed by.

There were also many nice "dulls". : Several of them were so lightly dressed; that you could see their breasts and glimpse the color of their hair between their legs through the thin fabric of their dresses and skirts. One of the guys leaned towards me. I started talking to my friend about something completely irrelevant. Then he nudged me with his elbow.

- Do you want a bajer..? I looked at him. So did my friend. He smiled - and his partner winked at us and raised the bottle. - Why not, I replied - and the guy next to me dived into the plastic bag and retrieved two of the cold ones.

It tasted good - so good, in fact, that for the next hour we poured five or six cold Bavarians into ourselves.
Neither my friend nor I are used to drinking so much beer, so we gradually realized that we had to be careful.
- Are you not going up to my friend's house, asked the guy next to me. I looked at my friend. The guys were nice - and I guess nothing could be done about that, and besides, we had had enough sun by now.

- I'll take a cold shower, the friend commented on the suggestion and stood up. - I go ahead and buy a little for the palate, after which he slipped away. The guy next to me drank out and collected all the empty bottles together. :- Shall we go, he asked.

We gathered our four plastic bags with the groceries together and followed him. It "sailed" a bit for us, but a few minutes later neither of us could feel anything. It wasn't far to the friend's apartment. 10–15 minutes later we were standing in the entrance hall.

The friend had placed glasses, ice cubes, Danish water and a bottle of Campari on the coffee table.

There were also salty nuts and chips. - Would any of you fancy a cold shower, he asked. I looked at my friend.

I guess nothing could be done about that. We also needed to cool off. I nodded - and the guy pointed the way out through the hall and into the bathroom. We threw away our sweaty clothes, my friend turned on the shower, and a little later we took turns standing under the lovely cold jets of water.

There was no key in the bathroom door, so we couldn't lock it - but neither of us expected the guys to come bursting in. As I stood under the jets of water, there was a knock on the door. My friend shouted "come in". The door was opened a few centimeters and a hand appeared with two large bath towels. - I forgot to give them to you, said the guy.
My friend winked at me - and stood with her legs slightly apart and facing the bathroom door.
At the same time she began caressing her breasts.
- Just come in, she chirped in a slightly sexy voice. The door opened a little more and the guy poked his head in.

It was he who had been sitting next to me on the bench. When he saw my friend, his eyes widened. Then he threw the towels on a small stool and opened the door fully and came in to us. My friend got this very special expression in her eyes that told me she was about to get hot. - Come to me, she whispered - and the guy stepped closer. My friend gave him a kiss.

First on the cheek, then on the mouth - and finally with open mouth and playful tongue. My stomach started pounding. I inserted a finger between my labia and rubbed back and forth a little. My friend started undressing the guy. He didn't resist - Who else would think that when a lovely woman with delicious forms and the excitement shining out of her eyes, began to play that game! A little later he was as naked as her and me.
-What about a small shower, she asked and at the same time pulled him by the arm towards the shower cubicle where I was standing.

his cock began to grow Big and strong. I couldn't take my eyes off it. Stepping out of the shower stall, I let one hand gently slide over his now almost stiff cock.

It gave him a set - and his hands automatically slid up to my breasts and began caressing them. - Whoa, stop, said my friend, first a shower - then maybe fidget a little... The guy let go of me and got into the shower cubicle.
My friend followed, grabbed the soap and started soaping him up. Suddenly I wanted to suck cock.
It was just before I had pushed her away and taken the guy over, but as I was about to intervene, I felt a warm hand on one of my buttocks.
Startled, I turned. I had completely forgotten about the other guy. He stood behind me - only in underpants - and with two glasses of Campari in the other hand. He smiled and handed me one glass.
And as we drank, his eyes slid over my naked body, searching and appreciative. I spread my legs, pulled my stomach in, pushed my breasts forward - and made myself really delicious and ready to fuck.
The other two were busy in the shower cabin - very busy. The guy kissed me, pressed me to him and pressed his stiff cock - which he still hid behind his underpants - against my bare stomach. I pushed him away and whispered: - First a shower...

He laughed and shouted to his mate and my friend to finish in the cabin. While he waited, he nuzzled my nipples and kissed my cheeks, neck and mouth. I let my hands disappear under his underpants to really feel him. His heavy, hard balls were warm, and as I gently pressed and squeezed them, he began to moan.

My friend and her boyfriend jumped out of the cabin, dried themselves - and disappeared from the bathroom. My guy stepped out of his underpants and entered the shower stall. I followed. His cock bristled lustily and deliciously, and I couldn't resist squatting down and taking him in my mouth.

He ran his hands through my hair, pressing my face into his. I sucked and licked. It was really nice. I squeezed his bursting scrotum, pressed and massaged. Then I felt how it started to twitch in him. He made intercourse movements in my mouth, he started to moan - and then his hot liquid came spraying... I kept licking. He ran his hands through my hair and when he was done coming he would pull back.

But no - now it was my turn - and I also managed to get him on top again. He turned on the water, I grabbed the soap - and while making sure he didn't lose his temper - I soaped him up and showered him clean again. I grabbed his stiff cock and pulled him out onto the bathroom floor. Now I couldn't wait any longer. I was soaking wet between my legs and my nipples were burning from being zeroed, raised and squeezed.

I quickly spread out a couple of towels on the floor, after which I lay down on my back again with my legs spread.
The guy crawled down to me. I wanted! him at once and began to pull him up to me. But he wanted to lick first.
I love to be licked, it's one of the best things I know. He quickly found my little spring, let his tongue run over it, around it - after which he nibbled very carefully with his lips and teeth. I writhed under his lovely treatment.
It was just before my first orgasm came. He felt how I began to shake. His hands slid over my stomach up to my nipples. Lightning of heat shot through my body and pooled in my abdomen. I couldn't lie still any longer. He sensed it was straight up.
He stuck his tongue deep into me and pressed his upper lip against my spring. It paid off.
With a loud moan, the orgasm came forth... Afterwards we lay for a while and recovered. My hands played a little with his still stiff cock and hard balls. I excited myself again at the thought of how nice it would be to feel him deep inside me

We kissed each other, caressed each other and let our tongues play! Then I pulled him over me.
He rested a bit on his elbows while I carefully placed his big hard cock's head between my wet labia, Carefully he thrust into me. I raised my abdomen towards him to be able to receive better. Then he slid into me. I closed my eyes and enjoyed how little by little he filled me and pressed on top. He started to fuck me. First with long gentle movements, mixed with small hard 'blows. Later with harder and harder thrusts, where he alternately came all the way up and only just inside. His pubic hair rubbed against my springs.
Got me up to the big one! He started moaning and biting my earlobe. Sweat poured off him and every time our bodies met, the sounds of slapping drowned out our collective moans.

Then he was there. With a small roar, he thrust wildly up into me - and sent the remains of his lovely juices out into my vagina. I was just about to join. I tore him onto his back, hugged him to me, and as the last of his juices squirted into me, I had my second wonderful orgasm... Then he collapsed onto one side of me and began kissing my neck, ears and mouth ! · In the middle of this lovely aftermath, the bathroom door opened. There stood my friend and her boyfriend - completely naked - and looked at us in astonishment. - What the hell, you didn't make it any further, exclaimed my friend and started to laugh. I couldn't bear to bring my legs together for the other guy's curious gaze. I did not care. I actually only wanted to sleep - and then love again! - You, we have to see how to get home, said my - now very practical - friend. I looked at the clock. She was right. We took turns to take a shower, during which I couldn't resist touching the other young guy's lovely semi-rigid cock. He also started fondling me a bit, but unfortunately I had to interrupt. We were going home. After a little ice-cold Campari juice, we kissed and cuddled goodbye. The guys naturally asked if there was a second time. We couldn't answer that,

and when they asked for last name, address and phone number, we both shook our heads. - We will contact you, answered my friend. - It's the best.

We are both married, and there should be no stirring in the duck pond... Here, a few days ago, my friend and I were talking about going to Copenhagen and visiting them. She really wanted to, and if I have to be honest - and you have to - I actually also want to see the two bachelors and their lovely, stiff dicks that want to fuck...

"The Girlfriends"

Cozy love